5 Top Birthday Party Tips

5 Top Birthday Party Tips

Here are our top 5 Birthday Party Tips, and whether you choose to hire Ready Steady Magic as your children’s entertainers or someone else, we think these tips are worth bearing in mind.

Let’s jump straight into the party tips.

1 Planning Ahead for Your Party

We recommend starting to book your party about three or four months in advance. As professional party entertainers we often get booked up this far in advance. Some super prepared parents and party planners even book a year in advance! That’s fine too. For more help, take a look at our party planning guide for a step by step overview – it’s free to download on our specials page.

Alternatively, get in touch and ask us a question.

2 Choosing the Party Right Venue

Of course you will want a venue that is close to you (you might even choose to have the party at home). But make sure that the venue is light, airy, has enough space for the party activities you have planned (or booked), and is warm enough. Easy and accessible parking is a good idea too. We often have to get to another venue later that day, so we know the value of good spacious parking!

Find some local party venues today.

3 Hire a Professional Entertainer

That’s what we’re here for! Ready Steady Magic provide professional magic shows for children and families. Our entertainment is based on quality magic, engaging interaction and FUN! Read more about the values our shows and business are built on.

4 Keep the Catering Simple

We recommend simple food in individual packets. That usually means less mess, and you can take home anything you don’t use. Have plenty of adults on hand to help young children.

5 Get Involved and Have Fun

It’s always more fun when everyone gets involved in the party. And by that, I mean the adults too! I’ve written about this before so see my page about having a super fun magic show and party. Ready Steady Magic is made by and for families.

We really hope you and your child have a great birthday. After all, you only get one a year!

If you would like Ready Steady Magic to be a part of your celebration, then we would be happy to come along and help you to have a successful fun show or party.

Get in touch today on the number above, or by emailing us here.

We look forward to entertaining you.

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