Hiring Cheap

Hiring a cheap entertainer

Why You (probably) Shouldn’t Hire a Cheap Children’s Entertainer Organising and planning a party can be stressful! That’s why I often advise people to pay a little bit extra for a better quality service. I once heard a magician say that the only difference in price between entertainers is how greedy someone wants to be.…

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The Wonder of Magic

The Wonder of Magic Wonder: a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar. Great magic creates a sense of wonder and amazement, and often this is described as a “child like” wonder. I think often this is thought of as the wonder of not knowing, but I prefer to think…

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Magic and Imagination

The Importance of Imagination for Children and How Magic Develops It I have often described the purpose of art as giving people the chance to make sense of our place in the world, ask questions we would not otherwise have asked and appreciate things we have never experienced before. Imagination is fundamental to that process.…

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