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This blog post is really a status update. I’ve recently moved to East Staffordshire, putting me in the ideal position to perform even more shows in the following areas:

(I’ve performed a lot in East Staffordshire previously, as I was based in the Midlands anyway. Now it’s just even more convenient for us both).


Uttoxeter is very local to me so if you’re looking for children’s entertainment in and around Uttoxeter, you’re in luck. I have a page about some of my past events in Uttoxeter – will yours be the next one I bring my incredible magic show and party games entertainment to?

childrens entertainer uttoxeter
party games at a pub in uttoxeter


Burton on Trent is another area that is super local and one that I’ve performed at a lot, including at Burton Albion Football Club. Again, I have a page about past events in Burton on Trent. As the top children’s entertainer and magician in Burton on Trent, I hope that I can bring my party music, party games, magic show and entertainment to your children’s birthday or children’s event.


I’ve done a few shows in Derby, for both adults and children, but this is certainly an area that is still fairly new to me. However, I’m always looking to improve and expand. I would love to provide magic for a children’s birthday party or family event in Derby. Get in touch with me if you are holding an event and are looking for a great Derby Kids Entertainer.


Even though Nottingham is a little further away, I have performed here on a few occassions, mainly for family events such as Christenings, Naming Ceremonies and Weddings, but also for a few children’s birthday parties. Will your event be my next Nottingham party? I would love to bring the magic to your family celebration.


The Peak District and the towns within it, Ashbourne, Bakewell, Buxton etc are a little further away from where I’m located so it might mean paying a small charge towards travel for me to perform at your event. But if you are looking for a quality magic show for children – one that will be remembered long into adulthood as a shining moment whilst growing up, then I believe that’s something I provide. Read more about what makes my magic and entertainment stand out.

burton on trent magic parties
A party with games, magic and balloons is the ultimate stress free option for you!

Perhaps that doesn’t sound spectacular to you, but that’s because that’s an example of the invisible difference I am writing about.

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