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Why You (probably) Shouldn’t Hire a Cheap Children’s Entertainer

Organising and planning a party can be stressful! That’s why I often advise people to pay a little bit extra for a better quality service. I once heard a magician say that the only difference in price between entertainers is how greedy someone wants to be. I couldn’t agree less!

When you hire Ready Steady Magic, you’ll get a professional service throughout the run-up to your event. At no point should you be concerned about what will be happening at the party or worried that I have forgotten about you. At a lower cost, it’s simply not possible to do that. It’s the difference between having to bring your own bags at Aldi or having someone carry the items to your car at Sainsbury’s. Costs have to be cut somewhere.

When I started out my prices were under £100 per show, and while I performed a lot of shows, I was often rushing between them. I realised that there was another way, I could improve my service as well as the show, by taking more time to think about you and your guests. Afterall without you, there is no show!

Nowadays, while I still often have more than one show per day, I always think carefully about travel time, so that I can arrive well in advance and stay behind if things run over.

Hiring a cheap entertainer

Of course, there will always be some people who choose the cheapest option for anything they buy, and that’s totally fine of course. I understand that every event has a budget, especially if you’re hosting a children’s party. It’s not uncommon for families to have to host for multiple children in your family, and of course, you need to do something each year. I can certainly understand why you would want to make your money go further if possible.

I’ve never been secretive about the price I charge and if you make an enquiry with me, I’ll be happy to tell you that while not the cheapest, I strongly believe that I provide excellent value for the service that I provide. In fact, you can usually see the start of my price range on my magic birthday parties page.

I’m happy to be open about my pricing, but I do believe it should be taken alongside what I provide. I believe I offer a unique service, that can’t be easily compared to other entertainers. I’ve been running my business long enough now, to know that when you hire the cheapest entertainer, you’re likely just to get a general party entertainer. This is often a student or someone who only performs part-time. They will look after your children for a set amount of time. They might provide party games, music, balloon models, face painting character appearances, and even some basic magic tricks. That might be what you’re looking for and if the price is your main concern this could be the option for you.

However, when you hire me to perform a Ready Steady Magic Show you’re hiring a professional magician. Alongside the professional service I mentioned at the start of this post, I will create a real life magical experience for your child’s birthday. I’ve honed this show over more than a thousand performance, so I know what works. My show is really able to deliver the WOW factor to your event, and help you to create magical memories.

WOW factor magician

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