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Hello! I'm Ed (about me) - a children's entertainer and professional magician available in Birmingham! And I'm here to make your next party or event amazing!

I've been performing in Birmingham since 2001, as it's the closest major city to me. I have performed at all sorts of events including many childrens birthday parties, and family events such as christenings, naming ceremonies and even weddings.

I have performed a Christmas party inside Harvey Nicholls in the Mailbox, (in fact, I performed their annual Christmas party for three years running!), performed a childrens show and close up magic for a wedding at the Banquetting Suite in the city centre, and I have performed my full birthday party package at community centres, schools, village halls and homes across the Birmingham area.

I cover all of Birmingham, but I am very often in Sutton Coldfield as that's closest to me.

I can perform my magic show and party entertainment at any of the great party venues in the area, or in the comfort of your home. To fill your next occasion with incredible magic and fun for the whole family, and make sure everyone can be involved, get in touch for an accurate quote today. After all, my motto is a simple one - amazing things happen when we work together!







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My shows are best at birthdays for ages 5 to 13.
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As I mentioned, I’ve performed at all sorts of children’s parties and family events in the Lichfield area. Here are just some of the events that stand out to me.

st marys church harbourneVenue Recommendation

I can perform my birthday party magic show at any venue across Birmingham, or even in the comfort of your own home. However, one venue that I enjoy returning to is St. Mary’s Church Parish Centre, Vivian Road, Harborne. I have performed here on six occasions in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2021. I’m getting to know the venue now which is a great thing and I know that this venue is perfect for my full party package that includes a magic show, party games, balloon models and music throughout the party. It’s the one-stop shop that means you don’t have to worry about anything on the day.

The venue staff are also getting to know me too, and for the most recent event, they recommended me to the client. A sure sign, I must be doing something right, I think.


kids magic party birminghamBirthday Party Entertainers Birmingham

Unsurprisingly, like most kids entertainers in Birmingham, the majority of events that I perform at are children’s birthday parties. In 2019, I performed a fun party for a 5th birthday party. The birthday boy was a big magic fan and the party was entirely magic themed. I think it goes without saying that a magic show fits in really well at this type of event. The birthday boy and his friends had dressed as magicians or wizards, and the girls had dressed as fairies. It was great to perform to someone so enthusiastic and I was able to lots of magical touches throughout the afternoon. Just take a look at the cake!

We are so glad we found you. Tom said the magic show was the best ever, and we loved how you got everyone involved with the party games, so thank you. For anyone reading this, don’t have a kids party without calling Ed first.

- Karen Byrd, Birmingham

Full Party Package

I’ve mentioned elsewhere on my site about my full party package. I honestly think it’s the best option for most parties, especially those held at hired party venues. It includes all of the entertainment you need to run a party, including party games, music throughout, balloon modelling and of course the amazing interactive magic show, where the children are involved with each part. It also offers the best value. That’s what I performed in July 2018 at Moseley Cricket Club, Shirley and after the event the client sent me this review. I think that proves I must be doing something right!

Thanks for all you did Ed. My son said it was the best birthday he’s ever had. The magic was hilarious, perfect for their age, and the party was a huge success. I’ll be sure to pass your name to the other mums at the party.

- Helen Cuthbert, Solihull

kids entertainer birmingham

Harborne Children’s Entertainer

I perform a lot of magic and party entertainment in Harborne. Just one of those events was in March 2018 when I performed at Moor Pool Hall, The Circle, Birmingham B17 9DY. I hadn’t been to this venue before, but it is one that I can highly recommend now. There is a lot of space and it’s perfect for either my magic show or my full party package. Get in touch to discuss your options. At this event, one of the things I remember is that the client had laid out soft rugs for the children to sit on. That’s a great idea as it helps to keep the audience together and it makes the space where the children sit more comfortable than just a wooden floor.


harborne childrens entertainer

five stars

Ed’s magic was perfect for my daughter’s party. She loved it. Ed himself was easy to deal with from the first enquiry right up until the day. He was very professional and I would have no problem recommending him to other people holding parties.

- Zandra Wolfe, Harborne

Christmas Party Children’s Entertainer Birmingham

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on my site, repeat bookings are a great way of measuring my success, and so I was pleased to perform for three years, during December 2015, 2016 and 2017 for the Harvey Nicholls Family Christmas Party. These were a way for staff to celebrate with their children and to enjoy both a little magic and balloon modelling. They often took place at a local hotel, however, on the last occasion the event was held in the restaurant of the Harvey Nicholls store in the Mailbox, Birmingham which was an interesting experience, as the store was still open while I was performing my rather silly magic show for the children.

Brilliant magic for our Christmas parties again! Thank you for all the effort you put in each year.

- Sian Carpenter, Birmingham


Halloween Entertainment Birmingham

Halloween is the perfect time for a magic show. Just think about it tricks & treats! That’s what happened in 2017 when I was hired to provide a spooky magic show for a private Halloween party at the client’s home in Birmingham. Of course, my show is more jumpy than actual frightening! It’s great fun though and the children love to get involved with the magic tricks. Fake spiders included!


Magic Workshops Birmingham

For older children, I usually substitute party games for a magic workshop. I’ve found that older children often think that children’s entertainers are too babyish and they feel spoken down to. I never want people to feel belittled and so my magic workshop is a great way to give young people the respect they crave. They are often curious about magic and want to find out a little about the secrets of magic, and my life as a magician. That’s what my magic show and workshop package provides. A show tailored to their age range, and a workshop where they get to do the magic.

This offering is unique to me, and other magicians and children’s entertainers often recommend me to their clients when they can’t provide entertainment for older children. This was the case in June 2016, when I was hired for a 10th birthday party in Selly Park, Birmingham.


magic workshops birmingham


five stars

We hired Ed for my nephew’s 10th birthday and he was fantastic. He did an excellent magic show and then taught the kids a few secrets. When their parents arrived they couldn't wait to show them their new tricks, they all said it was brill! ?

- Dorne Peacock, Birmingham


Christening Party Entertainment

Family celebrations should have family entertainment. Well, that’s my opinion at least. I might be biased, but magic shows are the perfect entertainment for Christenings and First Birthdays. I’ve performed at a lot of these events across Birmingham, and they are an excellent way to make sure all of the children are entertained - I have a special show that includes all age ranges, and I can even entertain the adults afterwards with family close up magic after the event too. In 2015, I performed at The Pavillion, Moor Lane, Birmingham B6 7AA for a Christening and this is just one venue that I can recommend within the Birmingham area.


Magic Show at Home Birmingham

In 2014, I performed at a small house party in the Solihull area of Birmingham. There are lots of great party venues within Birmingham - see my list of recommended venues - but for smaller parties, a party at home can be just as good. I also understand that all children are different and some just feel more comfortable celebrating at home. Some children’s entertainers in Birmingham don’t offer these home parties, but I have a special package designed just for cases such as this, so if you are interested, then get in touch and let’s have a chat about how I can help your child’s birthday to be a success.

five stars

Ed’s magic is amazing! More than that, his entertainment allowed me to keep the party at home and keep all the children entertained. I would definitely recommend him to anyone planning a birthday party at home or not. Highly recommended!

- Katherine Lithgow, Birmingham


Kids Entertainment for Weddings

The Banqueting Suite is a bit of a hidden secret in the city centre of Birmingham. It’s one of my recommended venues for weddings, and I’ve performed there often as a close up magician. However on this occasion in October 2013, I was performing a children’s magic show for a wedding there. That might sound unusual but entertainment for children at weddings is a great idea to make them feel extra special as they have their own entertainment. I often provided this in the early evening or during the speeches to prevent any interruptions. If you’re holding a family wedding with children attending, let’s have a conversation about what would work best for you.

childrens entertainer birmingham

Thanks Ed. All the kids at the wedding said they loved the show, and that they had a fab time. They loved the whole thing. Thank you Ed! Highly Recommended!

- Tori and Anthony Lynch, Birmingham

Family Fun Day Entertainment

This was a fun event with a large audience. During April 2013, I performed at a family fun day at the Banbury Club, Bosworth Drive. I performed a large stage magic show that both the children and the adults could enjoy together - a real family magic show, and then even though I had to stay over my allotted time slot, I made sure every child went away with a balloon model so that the entertainment could continue even after I had left.


Diwali Entertainment - Magic Show

I’ve performed at all sorts of venues across Birmingham, but as you might expect many of them fall within the same type of event venue - village halls, community centres, school halls, etc. However, in October 2012, I performed at the BAPS Temple in Hall Green. This was my first time visiting a Hindu Temple, but I was happy to entertain at their Diwali celebration and since then I’ve provided entertainment for Diwali at many other locations and groups across Birmingham and the Midlands, as you can see in the photos below.

Easter School Fayre

Many of the magic shows and children’s entertainment that I provide are for birthday parties but not all of them. I often perform entertainment for schools as part of end of year celebrations or school fayres. In April 2012, I performed for an Easter school fayre at King’s Rise Academy Primary School in the Kingstanding area of Birmingham. I performed three shows throughout the afternoon and altered the show depending on the age range of the audience.

Repeat Booking

I know that I’ve done a great job when I’m booked again by the same client. That was the case in 2010 and 2011 where I was hired for a children’s party at the client’s home in Kings Heath. These parties were for the same child so I think it’s safe to say that they enjoyed the magic show and the balloon models that I provided.

Whatever you end up choosing, all options come with an efficient service and a warm smile. ?

Ed is a professional magician, whose magic shows are perfect for family festivals, schools and children's parties. He mainly covers Stafford, Staffordshire, the East Midlands, and the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, but can also travel across the UK or recommend a local magician near you.

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