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Hello! I'm Ed (about me) - a children's entertainer and party professional available in Lichfield! And I'm here to make your next children’s party or family event amazing! Lichfield is the closest city to my home and I've been performing here since I began my journey as a party entertainer. Many children party entertainers will say they cover this area, but very few of them have a local connection like I do.

I have performed in Lichfield for children’s birthday parties, school fayres, summer parties and Christmas parties. There are many great venues for these types of events, so if you’re looking for help with your party planning, get in touch and I’ll be happy to recommend somewhere. After all, my motto is amazing things happen when we work together! I can also provide my show in the comfort of your own home if that suits you and your children better.

So, to fill your next occasion with incredible magic and fun for the whole family, and make sure everyone can be involved, get in touch for a further conversation and an accurate quote today







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As I mentioned, I’ve performed at all sorts of children’s parties and family events in the Lichfield area. Here are just some of the events that stand out to me.

magic workshops lichfield

8th Birthday Party in Spanish

In November 2019, I was hired to perform a magic show and workshop at a birthday party at a home in Lichfield. I didn’t know this when I booked the show, but the birthday boy was originally born in the Castille & Leon region of Spain. Well, I had visited that area in April and had for the past twelve months been teaching myself Spanish. Ok, so I’m not perfect, but the family loved that I was able to perform just a portion of my show in their native language. I even had a short conversation with the grandmother who spoke very little English. As I always say with being a magician or performing for people. It’s the little things that go the extra mile that people really appreciate and remember. If you’re interested, the trick I shared was from my make and do magic course and is shown here, and it’s called ¡El juego como bingo!

Repeat Booking Magic for Christenings

Christenings are a great opportunity for a fun magic show for all ages of children. In July 2019, I performed at St. John’s House on St. John Street, Lichfield. The show went really well and what I really appreciated was that not only did the children enjoy it, but many of the adults let go of some of the inhibitions and got involved in the fun too. It’s always great when that happens. Actually, the bit that proved I had done a great job was when a few weeks later I got a call from the team at St. John’s House who wanted to hire me for another Christening later that year. It’s these direct recommendations from people who have seen my show (and it happens quite often) that let me know I must be doing something right, right?

five stars

Thank you so much! The children loved the show and it was great to see how you interacted with everyone. We would recommend you to anyone.

- Richard Murray, Lichfield

5th Birthday Party Magic Show

In September 2018, I was hired for a 5th birthday party at Darwin Hall, Heathcote Place in Lichfield. I perform at many of these events, but this one stands out. For this event, I was asked to provide just my magic show. When this is the case, I usually recommend that I perform during the first half of the event. However, because of the timings of the event, the client asked me to arrive half-way through. When I did, I made a great effort to set up the show in a way that appealed to the children and get them excited about not only seeing it but being a part of it too. Well, I think they were already up for the show, but I remember that all got involved too and we rounded off the party in style

five stars

A super show, funny and entertaining from start to finish! A genuinely likeable guy who is superb value for money and a great entertainer. Thank you, Ed!

- Emma Purchase, Lichfield

Joint 6th Birthday Party Show

This birthday party during the summer of 2018 was at Curborough Community Centre, on Reynolds Close. It was a joint party for two friends both turning six. This was a larger party, with lots of noise and activity, but Curborough Community Centre is a good venue with lots of space. And so, I provided lively, fun party games that everyone could be involved with, during the break I kept the music playing and entertained those who had finished eating and then we followed it all up with an amazing magic show. I think it’s safe to say that both of the birthday children and all of their friends and family enjoyed a great party.

Christening Family Magic Party

I’ve spoken elsewhere on this site about how great magic is at a Christening or First Birthday. It was proven again at this event in June 2017. It was held at Lichfield Golf and Country Club on Seedy Mill Lane. As there were only a few children at the event I recommended family close up magic, rather than a set show. It worked really well as I mixed with guests and shared magic in small groups with both the adults and the children. In fact, one young boy of about 12 was particularly interested, so I took time out to share a few secrets with him and while I was there he did his first magic performance to his mum. Magic is a wonderful hobby, and as a professional magician, I feel it’s important that I encourage the next generation of magicians to enjoy this wonderful art.

five stars

I have to say we had Ed at our twin boys first birthday party! He was amazing and everybody loved him. He is so good at what he does. Our nephew took an extra shine to him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. You won't be disappointed!

- Kelly Blakeston, Lichfield

Magic Show at Home in Lichfield

Not all of the shows that I perform at are huge parties and in March 2016, I performed a very small show for just ten children. I have three different party packages, and this is my most basic one. It is simply the magic show on its own and is well suited for parties at home or for small groups, or quiet venues. Some children’s entertainers do not perform at parties such as this, but I really enjoy them as I understand that not all children are the same and some of them for whatever reason feel more comfortable celebrating at home.

Military Families Fun Day

This family fun day was held for the children of families serving our armed forces. It was held in 2015 at the Defence Medical Service in Whittington, which is just on the outskirts of Lichfield, on the way to Tamworth. I have performed at Military events previously and one of the things I always have to remember is to arrive early in order to get through the security gate. I did that, and once through I was met with lots of smiling faces from both the children and the adults. I provided a fun magic show, some music and dancing, and a balloon model for all of the children.

Party Games & Magic Show

As you may know, I have various party packages. For those looking for the easiest solution to their party, my full 2-hour party package is the way to go. I’ll take care of all the entertaining leaving you to enjoy the party with the children. This is what happened in October 2015 when I was hired to perform for a 6th birthday party at Fradley Village Hall, which is unsurprisingly in the Fradley area of Lichfield. This a clean, spacious venue that is perfect for my full party, and on top of that it also has a great stage that really adds the WOW factor to a magic party.

five stars

After you left, all the children could talk about was your show. Thank you so much for a memorable party. We could not have done it without you.

- Janet Browne, Lichfield

Magic Themed 6th Party

This event at Lichfield Methodist Centre / Lichfield Community Centre on Backcester Lane in August 2014 was another that was booked from a personal recommendation. And it was a great show. It was a magic-themed birthday party and the young boy dressed up as a magician, as did some of his friends. As you can see from the pictures he enjoyed being involved on the stage and helping out with the magic. Isn’t it great that through something fun like a magic show, a child can grow just a little bit of confidence in their own abilities? That’s what my motto means, by the way, amazing things happen when we work together. What I love most about these photos though is that the parents stayed to watch and enjoy the show with their children. I love to see everyone enjoying and creating memories, amazing memories, as I said, together.

Restaurant Summer Family Show

From 2013 onwards, I was hired on multiple occasions by The Hedgehog Restaurant, Stafford Road, Lichfield. I performed at parties during Easter, Christmas and during the summer with a short magic show and balloon modelling. It was great to meet people who were enjoying their day and very often I found that people would ask about their private birthday parties at the same time too. As I’ve said elsewhere, a great sign that my performance is something people enjoy and appreciate.

Full Party Package at Recommended Venue

I’m not sure why, but this venue seems like a little bit of a hidden gem in Lichfield. In November 2013, I performed my full party package - remember that’s the most popular option as I provide two hours of entertainment including music, party games, balloon modelling and, of course, a magic show - at Martin Heath Hall on Christchurch Lane. Bizarrely, I’ve only performed there once but if you are based in Lichfield and are looking for a party venue then it's the one I recommend as it has a lot of space, great parking for all of your guests and a separate room for food. It works really well for my magic party entertainment, so if you’re looking to get that sorted too, then you can get in touch with me here and we’ll talk.

Whatever you end up choosing, all options come with an efficient service and a warm smile. ?

Ed is a professional magician, whose magic shows are perfect for family festivals, schools and children's parties. He mainly covers Stafford, Staffordshire, the East Midlands, and the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, but can also travel across the UK or recommend a local magician near you.

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