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Hello! I'm Ed (about me) - a children's entertainer and professional party entertainer available in Stafford! And I'm here to make your next party or event amazing!

I have lived in Stafford all of my life and have been providing entertainment in the town since 2001. I have lots of local connections and know many of the great party venues in Stafford and across Staffordshire, so as well as party entertainment, I can also help with your general planning. All you have to do is ask! And that's why my motto is, amazing things happen when we work together!

Let's help your child have the best birthday party ever, or if it's a family event then that's not a problem, my incredible magic is fun for the whole family, and it can be performed across Stafford, the surrounding villages and across Staffordshire. So to fill your next occasion with magic, party games, music, balloon models and lots of giggling children, then make sure you get in touch for an accurate quote today.







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As I mentioned, I’ve performed at all sorts of children’s parties and family events in the Stafford area. Here are just some of the events that stand out to me.

A Magic Party Close to Home

I grew up in the Haywoods (two villages very close to Stafford) so it was great to be able to perform a show so close to ‘home’. This event was at Great Haywood Memorial Hall but recently I provided party games, music and then performed my show from the stage that they have there - my full party package. Take a look at some the photos from that event. Are you looking for children’s party entertainers in Stafford and would like the children to have as much fun as you see here? Then get in touch and I will be happy to help.

five stars

Just brilliant! You kept the party going throughout the whole two hours, and I have no idea how you did it. I guess that must be the magic! Thank you, and I will recommend you as promised.

- Catherine Holborn, Stafford


cotes standon hall stafford

5th Birthday Party Entertainment Stafford

In February 2019, I was hired to entertain for a 5th birthday at  I provided my full party package including party games, a magic show, balloon modelling for all of the children and music throughout the party. There were 30 children at the party, and as I’m sure you can imagine they are always a little lively with that many excited kids ready to have fun. But I’ve been a children’s entertainer for a long time so I know exactly how to keep their attention throughout. It was a great day and the birthday child and many of her friends didn’t want me to leave at the end.

Summer School Fayre Entertainment

I perform at hundreds of events throughout the year. Many of these as you might expect are children’s birthday parties however I also provide entertainment for other sorts of events too. In 2018, I performed at Ranton Primary School for their annual summer fayre. It was really great to help, alongside the other entertainers and stalls and to add to the celebration of the day. I performed my magic show twice throughout the day and handed out balloon models in between and for a little time afterwards.

Magic Workshop Party Stafford

As I have mentioned elsewhere on my site my full party package, where I provide party games and a magic show, is a popular choice for a two hour children’s birthday party. However, for older children I swap out the party games for a magic workshop. I find that those age 8 + often enjoy seeing how the magic works and I love to give them a short sneak peek behind the curtain. In September 2018, I provided this party package for a 10th birthday party for a young boy at his home in Stafford. Who knows, maybe I set some of them on the road to enjoying magic throughout their life.

Ed provided a unique party solution for my son and his friends. They loved it and couldn't wait to show their parents when they picked them up. They now think they are all magicians.

- Laura Pettigrew, Stafford

Christmas Party Family Entertainment

During December 2017, I performed at Gnosall Family Sports Club, Forrester Lane, which is also the site of the rugby club in that area of Stafford. I was there to provide a magic show for a family Christmas party. I really enjoyed this show. I had a mini stage that had the perfect rise for the size of the audience, and once I had set up my backdrops, sound system and microphones it really looked like a professional theatre space. Everyone sat together so even though the magic show was aimed at the young people the adults were able to enjoy it and be a part of the performance too. And I finished my show by introducing Father Christmas! It was great to wish everyone a Happy Christmas while providing entertainment suitable for the whole family.

We saw Ed's show last week at the Christmas party in Gnosall, and it was brilliant. The children loved it, of course, but my partner and I enjoyed it too. Thanks, Ed.

- Aimee Henwood, Stafford

6th Birthday at Home in Stafford

There are lots of great community centres, church halls and village halls within Stafford. If you’re looking for one then take a look at the venues list I put together here, or get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to help you out. With that said though, I understand that every child is different and some children feel more comfortable celebrating their birthday party at home. While some children’s entertainers in Stafford don’t perform for these types of shows, it’s 100% fine with me, and I actually have a party package specifically designed for these smaller birthday parties at home. In September 2017, I performed an event like this for a 6th birthday party. The birthday boy’s father sent me this review after the show to let me know how much his son enjoyed the magic show and entertainment that I provided.

five stars

Ed’s show was really great for our 6 year olds party. All of the kids were thoroughly entertained by the show and they were talking about it for weeks!  We would really recommend him to anyone else looking to add something special to a party.

 - Timothy Smale, Stafford

morris man staffordMilitary Christmas Party Entertainment

Most of the military events I provide are for adults where I perform expert close up magic and sleight of hand (you can read more about that here), however in December 2016, I was hired to perform a children’s magic show for families serving our military and stationed at MOD Stafford. The event was off base at The Morris Man on Alliss Close, Stafford. My lasting memory of this show was how popular it was. The venue was a little small for the number of guests who attended and the children were really squeezed up as they sat on the floor to see the show, but do you know what? It worked, and in actual fact, I think the show was better for it. It brought everyone together!

the luck penny staffordMultiple Bookings from One 'Lucky' Venue

It’s great to meet new people all of the time, but I really love it when someone likes my magic so much that they invite me back again and again. Since 2014, I have performed at the annual Fright Night - Halloween / Bonfire Night celebration at The Luck Penny, Crab Lane, Stafford and from that event the staff there have recommended me to their clients and I’ve picked up children’s shows for birthdays, Christmas and other family events. There’s one thing I think this proves. It's not just luck! I must be doing something right!

five stars

Thanks, Ed for another brilliant night with you magic show at The Luck Penny, Stafford.

- Karen Edgerley, Stafford


The Perfect Party Venue in Stafford

I can provide my children’s magic show at all sorts of venues, and in fact throughout my time I have. However, in January 2014 I performed at what has become one of my favourite party venues in the Stafford area. Stowe by Chartley Village Hall has enough space for me to run my party games, it has a beautiful little stage that sets the right scene for my magic show, and it has a separate room so the children can eat elsewhere while I change the setting around. I understand that a party isn’t about me, but when you choose a great venue (and I know others near where you live too!), it translates across to the children and improves the whole party. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, if you need any advice on how to plan for my magic show or birthday party package, just get in touch and let’s talk it through.


kids party magician

Snow Rescue by Magic!

One Saturday in March 2013, I was on my way home from another event in Staffordshire, and I got a call from a rather worried mother who had been let down by the party entertainer she had booked for her daughter's birthday party. The reason was just that it was snowing. I don’t know if that entertainer was local to Stafford, but the roads were clear anyway. I was close by so I was able to attend this event at last minute too. The event was held at The Royal Oak, Rising Brook, Stafford and after the event, I received this review from the client. A superhero magician? Ah, that’s very kind but I was just happy to help save a child’s birthday party.

five stars

Ed came to my daughter's 5th birthday party at short notice after it was cancelled by another entertainer. The children (and the adults) had a great time. He was wonderful at keeping the attention of the room, was very funny, and did brilliant magic tricks.

- Debby Smith, Stafford

Magic Shows in the heart of Stafford!

In the summer of 2013, I was hired by Stafford Rotary Club to perform at a family fun day right in the centre of Stafford. I performed in The Guildhall Shopping Centre, Market Square, Stafford ST16 2BB. An empty shop had been converted into a party zone and I performed my magic show for children twice throughout the day with balloon modelling for all of the young people in between the shows. The day went well, and my lasting memory of the day is the same as the organiser who left this review after the event.

Thank you so much for the magic you performed for our fun day. The day went extremely well. My lasting memory is seeing lots of smiling faces, children and adults.

- Helen Perren, Stafford

A Halloween Party in June?!

Yes, you read that correctly. I know, and you know that Halloween is in October, and I’m often asked to provide entertainment for children’s Halloween parties. After all what better way to celebrate than with tricks and treats! But for this event (in June 2012) was a child’s birthday party in the village of Eccleshall, quite close to Stafford. The mother had told me that their child loved Halloween and had asked for a spooky themed birthday party. Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my years performing for children is that they are all different! And that’s a great thing, so I dusted off my Halloween cape grabbed a handful of plastic spiders and hit play on the Monster Mash! And do you know what? The party was amazing! I loved it, the kids loved and the birthday girl had a scarily good time!

Diwali Entertainment Stafford

I really enjoyed this show as it was one of the first really large events I performed at. Take a look at the size of the audience below! I was a little surprised when I first arrived as I was not told that my show was going to be that popular, but from the reactions of the audience, I know that I did a great job. This event was in October 2011 and was a celebration for Diwali at Sir Graham Balfour School, North Avenue, Stafford.

Magician for Scout Groups & Beavers

In 2010, I provided a short show at Walton Scout Hut, near Stafford for the Beavers group that meets there. I find that I get a few events each year for youth groups and organisations such as the Scouts, Brownies, Beavers or Rainbows. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on my site, I always enjoy something a little different! It didn’t happen this time, but for the older groups especially, I am often asked to provide a magic workshop alongside a show and that can then be used as to gain one of the badges that are an important part of the scouting organisation. I have lots of experience providing magic workshops, so if you’re involved with running a Scouts, Rainbows or similar type of group, get in touch and let’s have a chat about how I can help.

Whatever you end up choosing, all options come with an efficient service and a warm smile. ?

Ed is a professional magician, whose magic shows are perfect for family festivals, schools and children's parties. He mainly covers Stafford, Staffordshire, the East Midlands, and the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, but can also travel across the UK or recommend a local magician near you.

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