Street Magic Style Magic Birthday Party

Street Magic Style Magic Birthday Party

Looking for a magic show or party that has a Dynamo / David Blaine street magic edge to it?

Look no further! Ready Steady Magic has impressive quality magic at it’s core. All of our performers are highly trained professional magicians and entertainers, with stacks and stacks of experience.

Yes, we can do the silly colour filled magic that young children love, but we realise that from about 8 or 9 + up to the tweenagers and teenagers, something else is required. They want something more!

That’s why we created the Young Starlights Show and the Young Starlights Package. It makes your child and their friends the stars of the show. Read more about our party packages.

Impressive Street Magic

Over a 45 minute session, not only will they get to see the most impressive top quality “catch us if you can” magic that we have, but they also get to learn some magic too.

We start with a mini show, full of close up street magic, just like the sort of things that your child will no doubt have seen on television performed by people like Dynamo and David Blaine.

Magic Workshop

We’ll teach them a few simple tricks, that they can be performing later that same day. All the tricks are designed to be easy enough to pick up quickly, but interesting enough to hold the child’s attention. And everything’s included as standard (but you can top up with our extra special specials if you wish to).

Booking Ready Steady Magic for your older child’s party is a great gift whether they are a boy or a girl.

If your child really loves magic, then this could be the start of a lifelong hobby. One that improves confidence, improves public speaking, improves reading. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Why not ask us to provide some magic lessons too?

And lastly if balloon models aren’t too un-cool for them, we can even make them some of those too.

Your Party

So whether it’s a couple of friends round the kitchen table or a bigger party with a larger crowd, we’ve got performers on stand by waiting to perform and share their unique magic.

Take a look at what areas we cover or get in touch today.

“Ready Steady Magic provided their magic workshop at my son’s recent birthday. It was a great day, a great birthday party and the perfect entertainment for a 13 year old.”

We look forward to entertaining you.

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