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Hello! I'm Ed (about me) - a children's entertainer and professional magician available in Stone! I'm ready to make your next party or event amazing!

I've been performing in Stone since 2001, but recently I have performed my school show at St. Dominic's Priory School, performed my birthday party package (it includes, music, party games, a magic show and balloon models) at many homes and village halls in Stone, and I also recently performed magic at Flip Out Trampoline Park in Stone (that was a unique venue, right?!)

I can perform my magic show and party entertainment at any of the great party venues in the area, or in the comfort of your home. To fill your next occasion with incredible magic and fun for the whole family, and make sure everyone can be involved, get in touch for an accurate quote today. My motto: amazing things happen when we work together!







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As I mentioned, I’ve performed at all sorts of children’s parties and family events in the Stone area. Here are just some of the events that stand out to me.

Stone Children's Entertainer

In February of 2019, I performed at a 6th birthday party in Stone. This was my full party package so I provided fun party games, my incredible interactive magic show and balloon modelling for all of the children. As well as that I also kept the music playing throughout the party and was on hand to make sure the party ran as smooth as possible. That’s one of the major advantages of booking a professional children’s entertainer. I make the party stress free for you so that you can enjoy the day with the children. I wrote about that in the party planning book I created - it’s free to download as it’s just one more way I like to help my potential clients. My approach to children’s parties was appreciated by the client who left me this review after the party.

five stars

Thank you for all of your hard work! You made the party easy for us to manage, and the children loved it. I’ve passed your name around and hope you get more work coming your way.

- Lisa Sackett, Stone


Family Fun Day Kids Entertainers

I love performing at family fun days. Not only do they add some variety to the type of events that I perform at (most of my events are children’s birthday parties), but they are also a great way to meet a lot of people! I get to perform alongside other children's entertainers and meet the general public. This is what happened during the summer of 2018, when I performed at a local event in Stone. I performed two magic shows at set times during the afternoon and also provided balloon models throughout the day. It was a great day that I was more than happy to be a party of. And a few weeks later, I had one client book me for their child’s party after seeing me on the day.

stone staffordshire magician

Christening Entertainer for Children

Family celebrations are a great opportunity to celebrate with those you love and one of the common events that I perform at is Christenings. I performed magic at a Christening during September 2017 at the Three Crowns, in Stone. I performed a mixed-age magic show for the children, followed by close up magic for everyone. This is a popular choice for Christenings, and I enjoyed this event, meeting everyone and helping them to celebrate together.

Magic Show at Home in Stone

Many of the kids birthday parties that I perform at take place at hired party venues such as community centres, church halls and village halls. There are many great venues to hire in Stone and I’ve written a list of some of the venues in the local area, which you can find here. I can also perform my show at a child’s home and that was the case in 2016. Not all kids entertainers perform house shows, but I understand that every child is different and some children just feel more comfortable celebrating at home. This party was a seventh birthday party and I provided my fun interactive magic show, followed by balloon models for all of the children.

moddershall village hallStress Free Party Package

For those looking for the best value from their children’s entertainer then my full party package is definitely the way to go. Ok, so I’m biased but as I would already be at your party providing a magic show, adding on games doesn’t cost that much more. It makes perfect sense, as it gives you the most entertainment for the price, and the easiest solution for you. I provide my fun magic show, lively interactive party guests, balloon models for all of the children and music throughout the whole party. I provided this for a birthday party at Moddershall Village Hall, near Stone, and after the event, the parent sent me this review which sort of backs up what I have written about here.

Just brilliant! Ed arrived early to set up and made sure all of the children had a great time, and that no-one was left out . My son loved helping out with the flag trick.

Janet Wilkins, Stone

Magic Lessons Stone and Stafford

Being a professional magician provides all sorts of opportunities. I attend lots of different events and perform both children’s magic shows, as you can read about on this page, and close up magic which I host on a separate website. I also provide magic lessons and while it’s not by a long shot the main part of my income, it is something I really enjoy. Throughout 2014 and 2015, I provided magic lessons to a student in Stone. Over the two years, I taught him a variety of magic included close up magic and mind-reading. All my lessons are personalised and we take it at the pace that the learner wants to go at. I love teaching magic as I get to share what I know with the next generation, and encourage them in a hobby that I know can last a lifetime. If you’re interested in a magic lesson for yourself or someone that you know, you can get in touch with me here. I’ll be happy to chat with you about the specific.

school entertainer stoneSchool Entertainer Magician

I really enjoy performing my magic in Schools. There always seems to be an extra element of excitement. Don’t get me wrong, the children at birthday parties are excited to see me perform as a magician, and they love the magic show, but they are also probably expecting to see a magician. A magic show in a school is a little more unusual and that makes it a bit more special, I think. In July 2014, I performed a show to celebrate the end of the year at St. Dominic's Priory School, Station Road, Stone ST15. This show took place in the library, and there wasn’t much space to spare so the audience had to sit closer together. I find that physically bringing the audience together helps for a more coherent show. That’s why I recommend providing a rug for the children to sit on during my birthday party show. As such, the two shows I performed that day (one for KS1, one for KS2) were some of my favourites I’ve ever performed. Take a look at the photo provided for how I set up the show.

Are you a school or nursery, looking to add some magic to an end of year celebration, Christmas celebration or looking for an interesting interactive assembly? Get in touch with me today and I’ll be happy to tell you what I can provide. I look forward to speaking with you.


Repeat Booking Children's Entertainer

One of the ways that I measure how well I am doing, is if I am getting repeat bookings from the same client or if that client is recommending me to others. In November 2013, I performed my magic show at a children’s birthday party at Stone Hockey Club. I didn’t know this at the start, but the birthday girls mother worked for a large theme park and from the back of that event I was hired to perform at the park. I would hope that the reason for that was not only because my show is fun, interactive and engaging for the children, but also because the service I provide is friendly, efficient and professional. If you get in touch with an enquiry about the kid's party you’re planning, I think you’ll find that to be the case.


Five Year Olds Birthday Parties Stone

Oulton village hall, in Stone is one of my top recommended party venues in the Stone area. I performed there in October 2013, for a fifth birthday party show. There was a small problem at this party as at the agreed time to start, there were still some children who had not arrived. That happens sometimes, so I was ready to play a short game with the children. I wasn’t hired to play games on this occasion but I added it to keep the children entertained until we were ready to begin. The client, as I bet you can imagine, really appreciated this small extra. It's all part of the service. After the event, they left me this review.

five stars

Ed, thank you for the lovely show! The kids thoroughly enjoyed it. To keep all of the children’s attention for an hour is not easy, but you handled it with ease. I will recommend you to all my friends and family. Once again, thank you.

- Anandhi Narayana, Stone

Magic Workshop Parties Stone

As well as my party games and magic show package, I also provided a party solution for older children. I’ve found that children 8 + often don’t want to play musical bumps and the hokey cokey. Instead, they really appreciate a look behind the curtain at the magic secrets. That’s why I developed a magic workshop party specifically for this age group. It’s always very popular, and that was the case in 2012 too when I provided it for a small group of children at a birthday party at a home in Stone. Here’s what the client said.

five stars

Absolutely wonderful! Ed worked well with a handful of eight and nine year olds, his skill is excellent and the children loved learning magic. They couldn’t wait to show it to their parents!

- Jane Proudman, Stone

Whatever you end up choosing, all options come with an efficient service and a warm smile. ?

Ed is a professional magician, whose magic shows are perfect for family festivals, schools and children's parties. He mainly covers Stafford, Staffordshire, the East Midlands, and the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, but can also travel across the UK or recommend a local magician near you.

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