When it comes to inspiring young minds, nothing quite sparks their imagination like the magic of... well, magic! As an experienced magician, I bring a world of creativity, mystery, and excitement directly to schools with my engaging school magic shows.



For smaller groups such as a whole class, my Party Magic Show (YELLOW) is a great fit. Filled with interactive magic, it will keep young people engaged and excited, it’s the perfect way to make part of the day special.


For larger gatherings or whole school events, my Grand Magic Show (GREEN) ramps up the experience. This stage show, includes a large Las Vegas style illusion, which is a spectacle that will leave every student awe struck and make the event unforgettable. This show works even better if you have a school theatre, drama studio, or stage.


Another option for some events is walkaround close up magic. This works well for leavers parties, and school fairs and fetes.

school magic shows - schools magician ed performing magic at a school

School magic shows can happen anywhere. This one was in the school library.



End of term celebrations are a milestone for every student, a time when their hard work pays off, and they advance to a new chapter in their learning journey. After a term of hard work, students often look forward to reward assemblies. Celebrating this achievement with a magic show is an excellent way to acknowledge their effort and make the transition exciting.

Whether it's a Christmas party or an end of year event, my magic shows are a fantastic way to celebrate, filling the room with laughter and amazement whilst at the same time saying thank you to each and every student.


Many schools include magic as a writing topic, and who can blame them, with it's fascinating characters, mind bending tricks, and stories filled with suspense? When a topic as captivating as magic, is woven into learning, it can spark curiosity and ignite a passion for creativity in young students. By using the world of magic as a storytelling tool, teachers are able introduce important concepts, make learning interactive and foster a classroom environment that thrives on creativity.

And after a term of letting their creativity soar in their writing, what could be a better way to celebrate their hard work than with a live magic show? When the term ends with one of my live magic show, it reinforces their learning in a memorable and enjoyable way. Why not ask me to include a Las Vegas style Illusion? It will be a show (and a school term) they will never forget!


Adding magic to a primary school leavers' party can make an already special event truly memorable. Close up magic offers a unique and exciting twist to the traditional disco or party games. As I move amongst the young party goers, performing magic right in front of their eyes, I create personal and interactive moments of wonder that will have them captivated and amazed.

Unlike my group magic shows, close up magic allows each child to become part of their own personal performance. It not only provides entertainment but also promotes social interaction, as the students react to and discuss the tricks together. Whether it's making a coin disappear or performing a mind boggling card trick, the magic I bring to leavers' parties ensures it's an event the children will fondly remember as they move onto their new schools.


School fairs and fetes are highlights of the school calendar, bringing together students, teachers, and parents in a celebration of community spirit. My magic shows or walkaround magic are a fantastic addition to these events, offering entertainment that’s enjoyable for all ages. It provides a spectacle that brings smiles to faces and laughter to the air. I've been lucky enough to perform at many school fairs and fetes, and I've seen first hand how a well-placed magic trick can bring an entire crowd together, creating shared moments of surprise and delight.

For more information on what's possible at schools fairs and fetes see my page on Festival Magic.


Fundraising is a necessary aspect of school life, supporting valuable resources, trips and extra-curricular activities. My school magic shows are the perfect solution for PTFA fundraising as they serve a dual purpose, providing spectacular entertainment for the students while also helping raise funds for the school. There are several models we can use, such as a ticket split arrangement or a flat fee model where the school takes 100% of the proceeds.


To take the magic a step further, I also offer magic workshops. These aren't just about learning magic tricks – they're about interactive learning experiences that can be linked to curriculum areas such as science, maths and storytelling. My magic workshops offer a hands-on learning experience for students that can enriches the curriculum and school life. Workshops can range from small group sessions to larger class-sized workshops, and they always leave students with a sense of accomplishment and a renewed enthusiasm for learning. Just imagine how proud the students will feel going home to share what they learnt with their family and friends.


School magic shows are more than just entertainment – they are tools that inspire creativity, reward hard work, enhance community events and even contribute to fundraising efforts. Whether it's a small classroom of students or a whole school assembly, there's a magic show that's a perfect fit. If you'd like to bring this magic to your school, I'd be delighted to discuss how we can make it happen. You can get in touch with me here.

Ceri Frost
Ceri Frost
Ed was brilliant. My son and his friends all enjoyed the show. Would highly recommend Ed
Jayne Woodyatt
Jayne Woodyatt
Went to my Grandsons 6th Birthday party last Sunday. Ready Steady Magic looked after the children from start to finish. Lots of fun was had by all. All the parents were very impressed and the children had a wonderful time. Would highly recommend.
Samantha Butler
Samantha Butler
I can’t recommend Ed highly enough! He recently provided entertainment for my son’s 6th birthday party and he managed to keep 18 kids engaged and thoroughly entertained for 2 hours. He’s such a natural with the kids and made sure he included all of them in some way while of course paying special attention to the birthday boy. All the parents commented on what a great party it was, and some said it was the best birthday party they had been to. He made it a really memorable occasion for us all. Thank you Ed!
Kris Black
Kris Black
ED was brilliant! The kids loved him and he managed to rangle them in when he needed to. Us parents could just sit back and relax as the children where entertained. Would deffo recommend for an easy and smooth party!!
Karen Walker
Karen Walker
Ed is fantastic at captivating children with his show. We've had Ed for 2 parties now with ages ranging from 3 to 7 and all of them loved the magic and Ed was a big hit. Definitely recommend
Georgia Dennis
Georgia Dennis
I saw ED today with my three children And I usually hate magic as my past experiences have been naff But...ED was FANTASTIC!! He had me fooled, I had absolutely no idea how he did any of his tricks and I was trying to catch him out Definitely would recommend
Stephanie Coffey
Stephanie Coffey
Absolutely Fantasic!! Booked for my 5yo birthday party and she loved every moment. Ed was brilliant, he engaged with all the children and kept thier focus throughout the party and kept everyone entertained. The adults loved the show too and the balloons at the end were a big hit! 100% recommend.
Ruth Chapman
Ruth Chapman
We had Ed round for my son’s 9th birthday party. Ed performed a 45 magic show followed by a 30 minute workshop in which he taught the kids two separate tricks. The kids absolutely loved watching Ed perform and then becoming performers themselves! They all went home and immediately showed their parents their new tricks! Would highly recommend, especially for any child who is interested in magic.
Laura Read
Laura Read
Ed performed at my daughters 5th birthday and he was the perfect entertainment. I also have an 8 year old son who had friends there and all the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Non stop giggles and all round smiles. I have already recommended ready, steady magic to friends.
Tracey OFlaherty
Tracey OFlaherty
Fantastic entertainment for our jubilee Celebrations. The children and Adults were all thoroughly entertained.Thank you 😊

school magic shows really can take place anywhere - library

School magic shows can happen anywhere. This one was in the school library.

five stars

The primary staff were very complimentary about your show! It was amazing to see that you clearly have a natural gift for entertaining that age group! We will no doubt be in touch again soon!

Miss Peake, Wolstanton High School, Newcastle under Lyme




Finally sitting down to write this after a crazy but amazing day! From the second I contacted Ed with the enquiry until he left the event, he has been nothing short of amazing. The booking process was smooth and easy and no question was left unanswered. I highly recommend Ed.


I'm always excited to hear about your plans, and how my magic shows might fit in with your event. Complete the form below and I'll get back to you very soon.

Ed is a professional magician, whose magic shows are perfect for family festivals, schools and children's parties. He mainly covers Stafford, Staffordshire, the East Midlands, and the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, but can also travel across the UK or recommend a local magician near you.

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